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PROvizion Automation offers solutions using cutting edge ingenuity to any range of challenges. As a recognized leader in dispatching dedicated and expert professionals, we can guarantee the success.


PLC, HMI, Robot and CNC programming, from project engineering to hardware and software control design, PLC and Robot programming


Simulation, integration, start-up, commissioning, production support and field service

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What is automotive automation?

All automotive manufacturing, welding, assembly, and material handling processes can benefit from automated equipment. Most commonly, automation involves integrating robotics into key areas to save time, increase capacity, and protect employees from dangerous conditions and repetitive labor. Car part producers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use robotics and vision for welding, assembly, inspection, and testing. Automation is flexible and evolving. There are still many more opportunities to integrate automation to optimize car manufacturing processes

Applications of automation

Applications of automation

Automotive companies and their automation partners design and deploy robots in high-speed, high-throughput areas to complete welding, inspection, material handling, and assembly of all sorts of parts from under the hood to the cabin. For example, robots have been a crucial part in producing fuel systems, engines, electronics, lights, mirrors, auto body components, and more. Automotive robots are getting faster, smarter, and more efficient

Application of assembly systems

Application of assembly systems

Automation can be deployed in automotive assembly lines for riveting, fastening, or snapping together parts big and small. Pairing robotics and vision is ideal for optimizing product assembly lines. Companies have successfully optimized their lines for glass installation and urethane application, assembly component bonding, and material handling parts. The benefits include reducing labor costs, reaching new throughput goals, and increasing quality

Application of body assembly

Application of body assembly

Automotive body assembly automation involves streamlining repetitive processes like welding, material handling, and assembling auto body components. Automotive manufacturers can save on labor costs and rework, improving quality and repeatability with robotics, vision, and software integration. We are also one of the leaders in developing body shop designs with EPLAN and AutoCAD

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More than 15 years of experience in automation, hard work and satisfied customers support us

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More than 15 years of experience in automation, hard work and satisfied customers support us. It is always welcome to see satisfied customers who give us recognition and rewards. This motivates us to maintain our high work standards.

Rafael Granados

    "Excellent work team, very professional and efficient. Highly reliable company" (Stellantis Engine South Plant, México)

    Rafael Granados

    Shift Operation Manager

      "Amazing job, thanks for supporting us and for your availability"


      Leo Gruslak

        "Mario is a good guy, I met him when he was very young, but nevertheless he always surprised us with his skills. We were always very demanding with them and in one way or another we achieved our goals"

        Leo Gruslak

        Daimler AG/Mercedes Benz Stuttgart, Germany - Electrical Engineer

          "I am a perfectionist and demanding person and most of people do not get so involved or worry too much about doing an impeccable job, but working with them it was easy to align ourselves"

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