About Us

About Us

We are an engineering and resource provider in the field of industrial automation

PROvizion Automation offers solutions using cutting edge ingenuity to any range of challenges. As a recognized leader in dispatching dedicated and expert professionals, we can guarantee the success.

Provizion Automation was founded in 2014 and over the years has developed a team of carefully chosen engineers to ensure our customers have access to the best possible expertise and services.

Project Management and Facilities

Site managers, electrical installations, wiring, labeling, consumption measurements

Industrial Networks

PROFIBUS, Ethernet, AS-interface, PROFINET and plant interfaces such as POSMON, PRISMA, FIS, MPTS


Software development, debugging, implementation of new devices, operator screens, alarm messages

Contractors and other services

Over the years we have been associated with various companies of different services and currently we have a wide portfolio. If we cannot do it, we can also put you in contact with someone

About Us

Automation applications in the automotive sector

The application of automation increases productivity and availability, reduces cycle times and increases quality

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"Maintain the leadership of PROvizion Automation in the national and international market by expanding the services of Automation Technologies, as a highly competitive, reliable Company, with the best growth and offering its services with the highest quality standards worldwide".



“Build the best team of professionals with the illusion of transforming and improving through technology from specialization in the latest solutions and in the different challenges of the market. Do it as a big family, made up of good people who enjoy becoming a global reference with a vocation for growth. Organizations work with us because we are experts when it comes to solving their needs and challenges.”.

Our Team

We drive and motivate our staff to meet our standards with integrity and professionalism

Site Manager


Service Engineer

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Begins integrating automation to optimize your processes

More than 15 years of experience in automation, hard work and satisfied customers support us


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